5 Dishes Invented due to Shortages during Wars

Some of those delicious meals we eat today have a history to tell. Wars not only caused casualties, but also culinary inventions that helped soldiers and civilians survive well during shortages and rationing of food.

Rava Idli
What we know today as Rava Idli was a dish originally invented by MTR during World War II. At the time, there was a severe shortage in rice supply. In solving this problem, MTR experimented with Semolina and ended up creating this delicious meal popularly known as Rava Idli. It is best served with grated coconut chutney and vegetable curry with some ghee and cashew nut on top.

The origins of Okonomiyaki find its place both as an idea during the Edo Period in Japan and execution in Hiroshima style after the atomic bombing. Little food was available during WWII and rice was especially scarce. Fortunately, there was Okonomiyaki which was sold in Hiroshima style and gained major popularity in 1944. Created with a batter, Okonomiyaki is referred as a Japanese pizza often cooked with simple leftovers.

Soy Sausages
Konrad Adenauer, the first German chancellor after World War II, invented soy sausages while on his quest to find that one meatless ingredient that would complete a regular sausage. During WW1, meat was scarce and inevitable starvation was widespread. In an attempt to find substitute ingredients to replace common items, Adenauer experimented with rice-four, barley and soy. Then, the soy sausage was born, commonly referred to as the “peace sausage.”

Woolton Pie
Lord Woolton created this pastry dish of vegetables that enabled a nutritional diet despite shortages in food and rationing during WWII. First prepared at the Savoy Hotel in London, Woolton Pie is a blend of potatoes, cauliflower, swede, carrots, turnip with a little spread of spring onions and rolled oats topped with cheese. Whatever was available could be used an ingredient in this very adaptable and healthy pie.

In 1930s, baker James Dewar intended this shortcake snack to be filled with banana and strawberries. World War II happened and not a single piece of fruit was to be found. Well, Twinkies were born thanks to the vanilla cream filling replacing the banana cream. A simple hack that soon made this snack an important part of American pop culture, still consumed by millions of people till date.

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